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May 2019
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 Hugs4MilitaryLoved1s Mission Statement

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PostSubject: Hugs4MilitaryLoved1s Mission Statement   Hugs4MilitaryLoved1s Mission Statement Clock11Wed Aug 01, 2007 8:10 pm

Here at Hugs4MilitaryLoved1s we wanted to share a little message or “mission” statement from our hearts in a way to connect with all of the members more so.

Our goal is to give people the strength and courage to make it through the trials and tribulations of knowing someone in the military. We love everyone and encourage anyone whether military related or not to join us as long as they can behave correctly. We are especially here for those who are attached to those serving their country.

Be sure you awake each day thankful you’re alive and breathing. Know always that no matter how depressed or sad you may get someone somewhere else in the world has it rougher. It’s okay to have those bad and rough days believe us we know you’re going to have plenty of them too! Just don’t let it get you sunk into that rut in life. That’s why we’re here to help each other staying out of getting stuck in that mode.

Should you ever need anyone someone is always available. Find a way to connect with the others and get a “buddy” system going with those you do connect with. The moderators are pretty much available at any given time, at least one of them.

We’re all here to listen, give advice, share a laugh or give a shoulder to cry on. All you have to do is ask. We're here so that you always have some place to turn to because we know that, together, we can all make it through this!

We all know what you're going through because someone here has either been there themselves or knows the fear of wondering when you will. So our purpose is to provide that support and understanding to everyone. No fear or worry is too small to be fretted over and need support for. We're here to help you get through those rough days because we know what it's like to be there.

Although we’re here for support that doesn’t only pertain to tears and sadness. We're here to celebrate with you and share in your excitement when something goes right. We want to share as many happy moments with you as we do those sad ones.

Be sure to live every day to its fullest and laugh like it’s going out of style. Go and do something spur of the moment and treat yourself once a month. Never have any regrets and always feel young at heart. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind, that’s why it was given to you in the first place. Try and always strive to live to your fullest potential. Never let anyone talk down to you and always reach for the moon and stars. Never settle for second best and always consider yourself #1.

You’re all wonderful and amazing people and we hope to get to know each of you on a personal level. You all have awesome qualities about you and we know this without even saying hi yet. Why? Because you have the patience to put up with military life. You are important, special, loved, and wanted by more than just one person in this great big world.

No matter how many smiles you smile or tears you cry there’s always a lesson to be learned. No matter how much your heart over flows with love or how much breaking it may endure there’s always a reason for everything. Never be afraid to call on friends in times of joy, sadness, or just because. If they’re really a friend they’ll listen and make time for you because they know if the shoe was on the other foot they’d hope for the same from you.

No matter where you have been placed on this big old planet know that we’re all in this together. We all support the troops and wish them rapid speed in getting the mission accomplished and home to our loving arms.

To those of us who have our men home; we treasure that time we have for we know someday we may have to say “see you later” as we pray and hope for later than sooner. To those of us who don’t have our men with us here; we look forward to each new day because it puts us another day closer to him.

We all know and understand there will be days of joy and nights of pain. We know everyone reaches a rock bottom at some point during a deployment. We know even if we haven’t been in another persons shoes we do know the probability of it being us one day is real. We all have different experiences with military life and all have something to contribute to the group.

To those of us who aren’t directly connected with military life we still love you. You don’t know how many times someone may come looking here for a discussion to distract the odd feelings for the military or the missing of our loved ones we may have at that moment. You can make someone’s day by unrelated military topics. Whether or not everyone agrees that’s considered support too!

So happy posting everyone! We love you all - always remember that!
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Hugs4MilitaryLoved1s Mission Statement
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