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May 2019
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 Golden Guidelines

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Golden Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Golden Guidelines   Golden Guidelines Clock11Wed Aug 01, 2007 8:12 pm

Hey everyone! Golden Guidelines is just a section based on those little rules and etiquette and what not. You know the common courtesies and such.

They are not law or anything but should be taken into account when you post. Just be considerate of everyone who posts and their personalities.

Happy Posting!

Keep in mind when posting

Keep in mind when posting that you're opening yourself up for everyone's honest opinion. So, remember that their honest opinion may not be what you necessarily want to hear.

Noone will be outright banned or chastized for speaking their minds or giving honest opinions unless they turn into being degrading. See that rule for that explanation.

Refrain from posting about political issues

It is okay to post about a Military article or something going on in the world. However, please refrain from posting something specific on politics. Especially on something that is specifically dealing with the different sides of political parties.

They have been known just to cause an uproar on the board and create havoc and chaos. That is not what the board is intended for.

You may "test" posting a thread dealing with different issues but if it were to get out of hand you will be warned by a moderator and the thread will be closed or removed. After 3 warnings on the same issue you will then be banned from the board.

There is a difference between difference of opinion and being degrading.

Please keep in mind that it's OKAY to have a difference of opinion but it certainly is NOT OKAY to be degrading.

The board will not tolerate people talking down to others and reducing to high school antics of name calling and calling people out on the board.

As long as in the moderators opinion the "debate" is remaining healthy then it will be kept on the board. But when a moderator feels it's getting out of hand the board will then be closed and a last post will be made by the moderator that closes it explaining why. Also if too many complaints are being made by users then it could be closed.

Remember not everything is perceived in the same way it's presented.

Please keep in mind the "tone" of typing that you use when posting. Not everyone will take something in the way that you mean it. If you feel something is harsh or rude do not reply right away. Just step back and read another post and come back before reacting.

Some debating will be allowed but it will not be allowed to get out of hand. If you feel a post is out of hand or could have potential too please PM a moderator asap and it will be taken care of asap.

If you're joking and it may come across as rude make sure you put a j/k or a ha ha in your post so it has less potential to be taken wrong.

Do unto others as you'd have them do to you.

Of course the basic of all golden rules. Just be courteous to everyone who posts. If you have a direct problem with someone take it to PMs. If you feel you are being harrassed or there is an "odd" person on the board please PM a Moderator.
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Golden Guidelines
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